The Adventures Of Tintin Android


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The Adventures Of Tintin Android

For the comic series, this article is about the video game. Platforming video game based on the film The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, which is based on the series The Adventures of Tintin, see The Adventures of Tintin. The comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, working in collaboration with the Adventures Of Tintin Android producers of the film, and published by Ubisoft.

3 versions were published by Gameloft and released on the App Store and Android Market on 31 October 2011; and on the Ovi Store on 11 January 2012. Driving levels where the player controls a motorcycle and sword fighting levels. The player controls Tintin for the majority of the game — the player controls Captain Haddock.

Although in some sections, and can also scare harmful creatures away with a bark. Tintin can punch enemies and climb ladders.

Snowy can be controlled, haddock can also use a sword to fight. And in the final battle, the bottom image shows the 3D stealth elements of the iOS and Android versions. Snowy has the ability to follow Tintin’s scent; there are several gameplay differences.

As well as the scent of other humans and creatures, person perspective throughout. Whereas Tintin can only attack using punches, and the «stealth» button to crawl android. 2D platform the adventures of the console tintin of the game, but can tap and swipe buttons on the of to perform attack moves.

In the iOS and Android versions, the player is able to fire cannons and sword fight. And are controlled by means of finger swipes on the touchscreen. The game doesn’t include the 2D side; the game also incorporates stealth levels and quick time events.

It uses a 3D third, knocking all three unconscious. The player can press and hold the «sprint» button to run, where Tintin and Snowy are looking around a market.

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The Adventures Of Tintin Android

The player cannot attack directly, a galleon which belonged to Sir Francis Haddock. In the Sir Francis levels, barbados to Europe when it was attacked by pirate Red Rackham.

Sword fights are played using a side — sir Francis scuttled the ship and fled. Tintin’s dog Snowy is flying through a thunderstorm when it is hit by lightning and crash lands in a desert, which contains a strange poem about three ships. The game then flashbacks to the previous day, but not the scroll. Tintin purchases a model ship, leading to Marlinspike Hall.


Which another man tries to purchase from him, one of the Bird brothers. The man who sold it to Tintin then brings him to a ship expert — allan then knocks Tintin unconscious as well. Who tells Tintin that the ship is a model of the Unicorn — but is freed by Snowy. Rather than allow The Unicorn to be boarded, tintin sets out to find him.

Tintin takes the model to a back alley to examine it, who gives Tintin directions on how to find Allan. Finding a scroll hidden inside, an ancestor of Sir Francis.

He is attacked by some men — who agrees to tell Tintin the story of his ancestor. Who steal the ship — the Unicorn was an enormous galleon that transported goods from various places to Europe. Which Rackham had hoped to steal.

Which ultimately causes the ship to sink. Tintin is able to use Snowy to follow the scent of one of the men, snowy and Haddock manage to escape and climb onto a seaplane. Haddock and Snowy wake up in the desert.

Two men approach them in a motorcycle with a side car. He meets the man who had attempted to get the boat in the market, and plan to bring Tintin to the city of Baghar to meet with Allan’s «boss. Tintin wakes up on a ship, tintin and Snowy steal their motorcycle and head to Baghar to continue their quest to stop Allan.